By Kerry Doole

January 21, 2011

Despite minimal media attention and coldest night of the winter to date, a capacity crowd showed up at The Mod Club recently to support two heroes of the ‘80s rock scene in Toronto. That was gratifying, and even moreso was the fact that both bands sounded great at a show that marked the first time they shared a bill in 25 years. It was unfortunate that the club’s entrance policy meant some of the crowd shivered outside as Chalk Circle started their set. The group’s melodic and intelligent brand of modern rock was showcased nicely, and virtuoso violinist HUGH MARSH contributed effectively to some songs.

BLUE PETER then delivered a brilliant no-filler set that included such favourites as “Video Verite,” “Radio Silence,” “Chinese Graffiti,” “Take Me To War,” and their biggest ever hit, “Don’t Walk Past.” Singer PAUL HUMPHREY sounded (and looked) as good as ever, and remains an engaging frontman, while the band’s chief songwriter, CHRIS WARDMAN, impressed with his very tasteful guitar work. OTB believes that if the band had come from Manchester or New York City, they’d have achieved much-deserved international success.