Blue Peter Showcases Motivated Talent

Brendan Wycks

"In fact, all the solos Wardman picked for posterity Saturday night on his Gibson Junior were of a much sweeter grade than those milked from the Fender Tele he used formerly. Blue Peter's repertoire is captivating enough; but one awaits in eager anticipation Wardman's every taking to the spotlight. His liberal use the entire neck of his axe seems almost second nature."

FM Times Review: Up To You

FM Times
"The lyrics are vivid and fascinating as usual. The song "Up To You" is full of images of mindless urban panic - "static in the wires/slogans on the air/servants on the TV/dollars in our prayers" - following each other like sharp punches. "Guilty Secret" is perhaps the best anti-war song Chris Wardman has ever written."

Ready Records Press Release 1983

Ready Records

Produced by Englishman Steve Nye, (XTC, JAPAN) , BLUE PETER's second album, FALLING (LR034) marked an important progression for the band, establishing their new line-up, (with keyboardist Jason Sniderman and drummer Owen Tennyson), as a hook heavy power-pop outfit.