Music Express Issue #76 '84
Canadian Cold Cuts
Blue Peter

The first impression on receiving this 4-song EP was "Oh jeez, here's Blue Peter milking a minor hit single (Don't Walk Past) for all it's worth." I mean, not only was the song a focal point of their Falling album but it was also released as a 12-inch single and now, hot on the trail of MTV pushing the video on medium rotation, we have a six-minute dance mix version.

But surprisingly, Version works because it allows us to discover a totally different aspect of Blue Peter, one that doesn't centre around the Ferryesque persona of lead man Paul Humphrey. By instumentalizing the arrangements, the onus is on the rest of the band to carry the tunes and this they do with zestful conviction. Keyboardist Jason Sniderman and guitarist Chris Wardman turn in performances that inject new life into Don't Walk Past and Unchained Heart while Real News is transformed into a hot instrumental piece.

It's hard to say whether Version will crowd people onto the nations's dance floors. But it's certainly convinced me that there's more to Blue Peter than Paul Humphrey's pretty face.

Rating: Good
(By Keith Sharp)