Nov 7, 2014

Mike Bambrick, founding Blue Peter drummer in a shot that is actually both post and pre band. Mike and Chris Wardman had a teenage band that needed a bass player. Mike suggested Geoff McOuat.... and Geoff had this friend Paul Humphrey, and a name: Blue Peter.

But Chris, Paul and Geoff were still in school and Mike wanted to start playing professionally so he eventually left to play in punk bands like The Ugly and ZRO4, (shown here with Rick Joudrey's brother Dave, who was also a Viletone). Mike also played in The Sharks with Sherry Kean, David Baxter and future Blue Rodeo bass player Bazil Donovan. Then, in late 1979, he rejoined Blue Peter. So this vintage 70's pic is kind of an after-and-before photo.

Mike Bambrick in ZRO4.
L to R: Dave Joudrey, Zero, Mike Bambrick, Tony Brighton.