Feb 12, 1998

Blue Peter: All Through The Night (Greatest Hits)
If anything distinctive  can be said musically for the year of 1997, it was the year of remembering. For some strange reason the music of the 1980's made a comeback when songs that were hard to find resurfaced in 80s compilations (Choose 80s, Made in the Eighties and Retro Night). Eighties compilations also resurfaced in movie soundtracks: (Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion and Grosse Pointe Blank).

And now Canadian band Blue Peter has stepped forward to release a greatest hits retrospective from 1979-83. A band that was a part of the early stages of the Canadian rock scene, Blue Peter achieved a high level of success like no other at the time. Though Blue Peter broke up in 1983 they are still widely known by 80's nostalgia.

The album is a great selection of tracks that transport the listener to a sound very deeply entrenched in the sounds of the 80's. The one thing that shocked me was how much the music still holds up, as it doesn't sound too dated.

It's nice to see a Canadian band enscribed in retro history.