Paul Humphrey
April 6, 2021

We're very sad to pass along the news that our partner in crime, our brother, our dear friend Paul Humphrey died on Sunday afternoon after a long illness.


I was introduced to Paul when we were teenagers. I had long hair and a guitar. He had a pony tail and played the flute. We invited him to jam with an early incarnation of Blue Peter and our prog-ish aspirations crashed into punk and new wave. He taught us how to play Sweet Jane and our future course was charted. Out with the rawk rock, in with the art rock. What a ride we had over the next 8 years or so. Recording, radio airplay, sharing stages with our favourite bands, videos, success beyond our wildest dreams and then, decades later, joyous reunion shows.

Paul always pushed me to play better, write stronger songs, embrace fashion and to put on a show. We were early explorers, occasionally playing shows where we were not yet wanted, which only made us tougher. It was fun to watch the world slowly bend to the path we wanted to take as our popularity grew. He was a unique talent, a great dancer and an amazing front person for Blue Peter’s musical aspirations. Behind the scenes he was accommodating, generous and would always go out of his way for his friends. I admire his bravery of the last few years, and the tireless support of his partner Allyson. I will miss his voice, his humour, his warmth, his friendship and his fearlessness.

Chris Wardman