Release Date: May 17, 1983 (Party at Hampton Court, Downstairs in Studio Cabaret/415 Jarvis Street)

Produced by Steve Nye

With Falling, Blue Peter was looking for the next phase. Helmed by British producer Steve Nye (Japan/Roxy Music) this album presents romantic songs backed with a new sonic depth. From the funk of "Unchained Heart" to the sparse declaration of independence that is "Burning Bridges" the band had matured after four short years. The Blade Runner inspired video for the perennial dance track - "Don't Walk Past" was the first Canadian indie label video to appear on MTV in the U.S.

Cover Concept by Jason Sniderman and Chris Wardman.
Produced By Steve Nye.
Engineer: Kevin Doyle.
Recorded at Sounds Interchange, Toronto.

Originally released on Ready Records in 1983 (LR034).

Band: Paul Humphrey – Vocals; Chris Wardman – Guitar; Jason Sniderman – Keyboards; Rick Joudrey – Bass; Owen Tennyson – Drums.
All Words and Music by Chris Wardman – Music For Masses/Neutron Songs (SOCAN) except "Right Stuff" Music by C. Wardman, K.Doyle and R. Joudrey.
"Unchained Heart" Words and Music by Jason Sniderman, Il Filostrato/Neutron Songs (SOCAN).
Special Guests: Background Vocals on "Don't Walk Past" by Leslie Howitt. Congas on "Unchained Heart" by Matt Zimball.

Side One
1. Falling
2. Don't Walk Past
3. Red Filters
4. All Your Time
5. Unchained Heart
Side Two
6. Head Over Heels
7. Pendulum
8. Burning Bridges
9. Right Stuff
10. Newsreel
May 17, 1983

Steve Nye
Kevin Doyle
Recorded and Mixed at Sounds Interchange, Toronto (Studio 2)
Paul Humphrey - vocals
Chris Wardman - guitar
Jason Sniderman - keyboards
Rick Joudrey - bass
Owen Tennysom - drums
Additional Musicans
Leslie Howat - Backing Vocals on "Don't Walk Past"
Matt Zimbel - Percussion on "Unchained Heart"