Up to You

In 1982 the band returned to Ready Records and released an EP called "Up to You". It was produced by Kevin Doyle and Chris Wardman and included the single "Chinese Graffiti" along with the song "Up To You".

Malcolm Burn helped out on keyboards on the song "Chinese Graffiti and Glenn Gould chose the orchestral sample that starts "Guilty Secret".

1982 (Ready Records)
Side One
1. Up To You
2. Chinese Graffiti
3. Guilty Secret
Side Two
4. Around You
5. The World Stops Here
6. Up To You (Inst)

Chinese Graffiti (45)

Released 1981 (A.W.O.L. Records)

Backing Vocals : Sherry Huffman from The Sharks (Sherry Kean)

In 1981 Blue Peter went indie from their indie label and formed AWOL Records on which they released "Chinese Graffiti".
This song won the "Single of the Year" category in the CFNY "U-Know awards.

1981 (A.W.O.L. Records)
A Side
1. Chinese Graffiti
B Side
1. Chinese Graffiti (Extended)