Video Verite (45)

Released 1980 (Ready Records)
A video was made for "Video Verite" which was played on City-TVs New Music. They were named "Best New Band" during the very first CFNY "U-Know" awards -later renamed the Casby's

Released 1980 (Ready Records)
A Side
1. Video Verite
B Side
2. Radio Silence

Radio Silence

Release Date: November 8, 1980 (at Larry's)

First full length album, includes the tracks "Radio Silence", "Video Verite", "Take Me To War" and "Shellshocked".
It was produced by Kevin Doyle, Chris Wardman, and Jasper. Radio Silence was recorded in 1980 and was Blue Peter's first full studio album.
The songs are about war and relationships. Tracks include "Video Verite", a song about nostalgia for the future; "Radio Silence", a dance floor friendly song about being the bombardier; and the album closer "Take Me To War", about invasion preparedness.

November 8, 1980
Side One
1. Video Verite
2. Where's My Angel
3. Attraction
4. Hesitate
5. Shellshocked
Side Two
6. Radio Silence
7. Neon Girls
8. A.W.O.L.
9. I Walk Alone
10. Take Me To War