The Best of Blue Peter, 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection was released Nov 20, 2007 by Universal Music Canada .
This release features 15 remastered tracks and includes songs such as Radio Silence, Video Verite, Chinese Graffiti, and Don't Walk Past.

1. Falling
2. Chinese Graffiti
3. Video Verite
4. All Your Time
5. Radio Silence
6. Water Off The Moon
7. Shellshocked
8. Factory Living
9. Equalizer
10. Around You
11. Up To You ('96 Remix)
12. Take Me To War
13. Unchained Heart
14. Same Old Place
15. Don't Walk Past
Release Date: 
Nov 20, 2007, Universal Music Canada

Steve Nye, Kevin Doyle, Chris Wardman, Angus MacKay, Andy Crosbie
Kevin Doyle
Paul Humphrey - vocals
Chris Wardman - guitar
Jason Sniderman - keyboards
Rick Joudrey - bass
Geoff McOuat - bass
Owen Tennyson - drums
Mike Bambrick - drums
Ron Tomlinson - drums