Aug 26, 2014

Artist: Blue Peter
"Don't Walk Past"
Year: 1983

Highlights: Multiple martinis, a typewriter (what is that again?), a checkerboard floor, artsy lighting, mysterious authorities, David Byrne-like dancing.

Did you know? The video was once number 85 on a MuchMusic list of top videos of the century.


Gallery posted by Jennifer Van Evra

When the '80s hit, so did the relatively new phenomenon of the music video. As the form proliferated, so did the TV networks.

MTV was launched in 1981, MuchMusic launched a few years later in 1984, and suddenly, bands had to not only make great music, but they had to create unforgettable visuals, too.

So what are some of the very best clips from that fledgling era? The ones that have survived three decades? Here are 20 of the most memorable, starting with 10 Canadian, then 10 international. Open the gallery  above to begin.

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