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Blue Peter's beginnings were pretty typical - friends getting together in the basement to play rock and roll and hopefully impress the girls, and the late '70's had some of the freshest sounds anywhere. Disco was on its way out and punk was making a statement, leading the way for new wave. Originally formed by Markham, Ont, vocalist Paul Humphrey and guitarist Chris Wardman, the band's lineup was solidified when Geoff McOuat came in on bass and Ron Tomlinson brought his drumkit on board.

The GridTO: Then & Now: The Edge

Flyer credit: Don Pyle
Flyer credit: Don Pyle

FRI NOV 2, 2012
Then & Now: The Edge

...The Garys saw the club as a springboard for emergent local acts. “We nurtured a lot of local groups who got signed from playing regularly at The Edge and from being promoted the same ways we would promote The Police or whoever,” says Topp. He namechecks more than a dozen Toronto acts of the time, including The Mods, Drastic Measures, The Sharks, The Curse, Spoons, Battered Wives, The Demics, The Dishes, Johnny and the G-Rays, Blue Peter, and The B-Girls."

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This Week's Forgotten Gem of the '80s - Blue Peter - "Chinese Graffiti"

Chinese Graffiti 45 Cover
Chinese Graffiti 45 Cover 1981

From 80s Music ORIGINAL STORY: Monday July 30, 2012
By Steve Peake, Guide

Canadian new wave/synth pop band Blue Peter created an elegant keyboard-based sound during the early '80s that also benefited from well-timed injections of guitar. Led by composer/guitarist Chris Wardman and fronted by lead singer Paul Humphrey, the group didn't stay together long enough to become an outright fixture on the pop music scene. Nevertheless, Blue Peter earned a place among '80s Canadian artists with its melodic intensity. The band's versatility also allowed for impressive slots opening for punk rock and new wave legends The Jam and The Police.

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The Canadiana Classic:

If I had to choose one Canadian band to laud from the aftermath of punk’s first generation it would be Blue Peter. Most of the material on their three full length albums and three E.P.’s sound like they could have been released yesterday. The two mainstays of Blue Peter have always been Paul Humphreys and Chris Wardman. Both have remained active as musicians and producers on the Canadian music scene, but their subsequent work hasn’t garnered the kind of attention still given to their first band. (An interesting side note: Humphrey’s brother John, also a musician, was once a member of Jean Luc Ponty’s touring band.) Although Blue Peter is no longer actively making music, all of their recordings have been reissued and they continue to play a couple of shows a year. I recommend you investigate.

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MSN Review Jan 8-2011
MSN Review Jan 8-2011

Blue Peter frontman Paul Humphrey looked almost identical to when I first saw the band when I was in high school (and got lucky after the gig when a girl unfathomably thought I was in the group, and I went along with it). Blue Peter's 1980 "Radio Silence" album ranks among my favourite Canadian new wave records, and the title track and "Video Verite" still resonated with me when they were performed on Saturday. The lovely and talented Emm Gryner joined the band to sing on what's probably its best known song, "Don't Walk Past."