Blue Peter was formed in 1978. In 1979 they released "Test Patterns For Living" on one of Canada's first "Indie" labels-Ready Records.
It included the songs "Factory Living" and "Same Old Place". "Factory Living" was played heavily on Toronto's new music station CFNY-FM.
"Test Patterns For Living" was recorded in two days at Southwest Sound in London Ontario.
Test Patterns for Living was recorded in a single day in 1979, Angus MacKay and Andie Crosbie of Ready Records took the band into a studio in London Ontario and came out with this explosive collection of punk/pop, which included the underground radio hit "Factory Living" and the three minute bullet about the boredom of the scene, "Same Old Place".

Producers: Angus MacKay and Andy Crosbie Engineer: Kevin Doyle
Recorded at Southwest Studios, London, Ontario and Sounds Interchange, Toronto 1979.
Original analogue masters restored and mastered by Peter J. Moore at the E Room
Originally released on Ready Records (1979) (#RR005)
Cover by Sandra Shaw / Photography by Powey
Band: Paul Humphrey > Vocals & Keyboards / Chris Wardman > Guitar / Geoff McOuat > Bass / Ron Tomlinson > Drums /
Backing Vocals > Olimpio Mesquita, Chris Wardman, Geoff McOuat
All Words and Music by Chris Wardman / Music For Masses (SOCAN) EXCEPT "Out With The Boys" by Paul Humphrey / Music For Masses (SOCAN)
Take Me To War (Live) Recorded in 1983, Montreal, Quebec
Mixed by Kevin Doyle and Chris Wardman
Band: Paul Humphrey > Vocals / Chris Wardman > Guitar / Jason Sniderman > Keyboards / Rick Joudrey > Bass / Owen Tennyson > Drums.
Words and Music by Chris Wardman / Music For Masses (SOCAN)

Side One
1. Same Old Place
2. Out With The Boys
3. Living in the Eighties
4. Time and Money
Side Two
5. Do The Robot
6. Cloak and Dagger
7. Factory Living
Released 1979 (Ready Records)

Angus MacKay and Andy Crosbie
Kevin Doyle
Recorded and Mixed at Southwest Sound, London Ont. Additional Mixing at Sounds Interchange, Toronto
Paul Humphrey - vocals
Chris Wardman - guitar
Geoff McOuat - bass
Ron Tomlinson - drums
Additional Musicians:
Backing Vocals: Olimpio Mesquita, Chris Wardman, Geoff McOuat