FM Times Review: Up To You

Blue Peter: Up To You

At last there is a major release from Toronto-based band Blue Peter, and the six·song EP Up To You has been well worth the walt.

Like their previous releases. Up To You was produced by the band's songwriter and guitarist Chris Wardman, with the help of engineer Kevin Doyle. The production, like everything else about the band, has matured a great deal since the last album, Radio Silence.

The songs are more complex musically and the arrangements more sophisticated They no longer rely primarily on guitar, bass and drums alone but have added synthesizers and horns to some songs. This results in greater variety in the sound and mood of the songs: tho smooth. soaring synthesizer accompaniment in "Around You" contrasts sharply with the bright, bouncy horns in the funky title song.

Guilty Secret

Took ideals for your singular fixation
Won’t be party to infatuation
Take your time there’s no need to hurry
When you’re right you don’t need to worry
Taking theories based on animal logic
Take your reason hide it in your pocket
I’ve got no anger only mistrust
Need no guidance leave it up to us

You’ve got a guilty secret
I know you can’t keep it
You’ve got a guilty secret
I know

Up To You

Pressure on the dance floor
Can’t recall the beat
Dancing out the doorway
Down the empty streets
Reach down in your pocket
There’s no gold in there
Following a leader
Don’t you be no square

You say it’s not your fault anymore
Still you can’t forget it’s up to you

Nervous in the service
Can’t defend the sky
Movement in the east
Too late to say goodbye
Fashion on the front
You don’t march in time
Looking to a leader
Better read the signs

Around You

When the noise tries to drown us

You let the silence move in around us
In a room that’s full of light 

We can rendezvous tonight

Around you 

There’s always a glow around you

Everything I want to know around you 

I want to be so close around you

Around you

Out of the night into the dark

You carved your name into my heart

Too late I’m gonna fall

This time I take it all

Up to You

In 1982 the band returned to Ready Records and released an EP called "Up to You". It was produced by Kevin Doyle and Chris Wardman and included the single "Chinese Graffiti" along with the song "Up To You".

Malcolm Burn helped out on keyboards on the song "Chinese Graffiti and Glenn Gould chose the orchestral sample that starts "Guilty Secret".

Release Date: 
1982 (Ready Records)
Side One
1. Up To You
2. Chinese Graffiti
3. Guilty Secret
Side Two
4. Around You
5. The World Stops Here
6. Up To You (Inst)

Chinese Graffiti (45)

Released 1981 (A.W.O.L. Records)

Backing Vocals : Sherry Huffman from The Sharks (Sherry Kean)

In 1981 Blue Peter went indie from their indie label and formed AWOL Records on which they released "Chinese Graffiti".
This song won the "Single of the Year" category in the CFNY "U-Know awards.

Release Date: 
1981 (A.W.O.L. Records)
A Side
1. Chinese Graffiti
B Side
1. Chinese Graffiti (Extended)