Factory Living

Sometimes I wonder why do I bother at all
When I could get a job down at the factory and work where all my friends are

It’s no fun starving just to keep your integrity
It’s no fun starving better to work down at the factory

Sometimes I wonder why do I worry about those things that you do
And then I see you late on a Saturday and I know that you’re right
If I had a job you could come and live with me and I would see you every night
If I was working you might come and live with me and I would see you every night

Do The Robot!

Always had way with morality, get another taste of mortality

Moving like a canine on a three day crawl, waiting for a habit nine feet tall

Nine feet tall

Never came to grips with your sanity, just another victim of your vanity

No known antidote, no known cure, leaves you feeling so insecure


Walk so fine, talk so cool, never passed the walls of the trade school

Never let gravity hold you down, what's the use when you’re spinning around?

Spinning around

Same Old Place

Every time I turn around, there’s people letting me down

And everywhere that i go, no one ever wants to know

Look I’m tired of the scene, living such stale dreams 

I don’t want to get involved, no i just want to be dissolved

And everywhere, everywhere that I turn

Always see the same old place

And every time, every time that i turn

Always see the same old face, it’s the same old face

it’s the same old place

Test Patterns For Living

Blue Peter was formed in 1978. In 1979 they released "Test Patterns For Living" on one of Canada's first "Indie" labels-Ready Records.
It included the songs "Factory Living" and "Same Old Place". "Factory Living" was played heavily on Toronto's new music station CFNY-FM.
"Test Patterns For Living" was recorded in two days at Southwest Sound in London Ontario.

Release Date: 
Released 1979 (Ready Records)
Side One
1. Same Old Place
2. Out With The Boys
3. Living in the Eighties
4. Time and Money
Side Two
5. Do The Robot
6. Cloak and Dagger
7. Factory Living