I’m a traitor such a traitor I’ll sell you down the line
Don’t ask me what I know but it’s a capital crime
Registration for the nation, play dirty politics
I seek publicity, skirt the issues, can’t you hear the cameras click?

I don’t understand, I thought we had a plan
Now we’ve got our man, he won’t fight
No I won’t fight, I won’t fight
I won’t fight
Go fight for yourself

I Walk Alone

You took me surprise, oh oh
I didn’t see it in your eyes oh no
There ain’t no final number, there’s no curtain call
Try it on if it fits, now you’ve tried it all
Circumstantial evidence at the scene of the crime
I heard it from a witness who couldn’t read the signs
Now you’ve raised the stakes it’s time to learn the score
I’m waiting for appointments and it’s getting me so bored

And I’m out of the times, I walk alone
I take my time, I walk alone
I walk alone

Radio Silence

There’s a light, miles below

I hear the roar, time stands still

Across the night, above the moon

Over the hills, with time to kill

Radio silence, takes us home

Radio silence, a static tone

There’s a voice, inside my headset

Behind a face I’ve never seen

And miles below, the night is young,

On top the wings, there is a gun

Radio silence, takes us home

Radio silence, static tone
Higher than heaven

Time stands still

Higher than cities with time to kill


I hold the world between my hands

She feels so light like she might try to escape tonight

She’s so full of helium and she tries to escape

But I catch her on my string

And she will stay another day, just one more day

I look at the world 
I like what I like

Listen to the world I hear noises in the night

Late October in a Berlin bar

There moves an army in a surplus car

We’re playing with fire so we’d better land soon 

We’d better not burn

Take Me To War

Where is the voice that left me behind?

In a darkened room, at the window

Where is the girl who led me to shore?

Eyes to the sea, knocking at my door

There is tomorrow, head on my pillow

Breath in my arms, voice in my ear

Where is the treasure I buried upstream?

Left on a map from a midnight dream

Come on take me to war

Take me to war
I’m ready for invasion

Take me to shore

Need no persuasion

Video Verite

Attempting motion can’t turn back

Fall asleep screen goes black

Catch a light random select

I’m fading out can’t disconnect

I try to talk, words slip away

Technicolor gets in the way

I thought I’d found me a place to land

Missed the runway hit the sand

I’d drive a million miles to live in video verite

I’d turn a million dials to live in video verite
I’d drive a million miles
I want to test it all with you
Test it with you
I want to test it with you

Test it with you
I wanna, I wanna, I want to test it with you

Video Verite (45)

Released 1980 (Ready Records)
A video was made for "Video Verite" which was played on City-TVs New Music. They were named "Best New Band" during the very first CFNY "U-Know" awards -later renamed the Casby's

Release Date: 
Released 1980 (Ready Records)
A Side
1. Video Verite
B Side
2. Radio Silence

Radio Silence

First full length album, includes the tracks "Radio Silence", "Video Verite", "Take Me To War" and "Shellshocked".
It was produced by Kevin Doyle, Chris Wardman, and Jasper. Radio Silence was recorded in 1980 and was Blue Peter's first full studio album.
The songs are about war and relationships. Tracks include "Video Verite", a song about nostalgia for the future; "Radio Silence", a dance floor friendly song about being the bombardier; and the album closer "Take Me To War", about invasion preparedness.

Release Date: 
1983 - Ready Records
Side One
1. Video Verite
2. Where's My Angel
3. Attraction
4. Hesitate
5. Shellshocked
Side Two
6. Radio Silence
7. Neon Girls
8. A.W.O.L.
9. I Walk Alone
10. Take Me To War