Shout it from the rooftops, shout it from the streets
Celebrate this place
Haunted by a summer song, tomorrow never gets too close
See the shadows on your face

As I fall for you
I fall for you

The temperature rising, I feel the weather change
Someone’s knocking at my door
The telephone’s ringing, still your voice I hear
The bed falls to the floor

As I fall for you
I fall for you

On the floor, on the streets
In his place on satin sheets I fall, I fall for you
I fall for you

All Your Time

We’re caught in a dream that keeps me awake all through the night
I wait for morning to take it’s place, make it alright
Out on our own we’re lost in this place, lost in this city
And I wait for the moment you look so pretty

Say it in whispers, say it in sighs
Say it in motion say it’s alright
Tell me tonight all your time is mine
All your time

Burning Bridges

Used to walk over burning bridges, came as no surprise

Used to fall for the siren dances, so hypnotized

Came so slow to the surface, try to gain my feet

Tried so hard to change the tune, the hills get so steep

I’m walking on burning bridges

Walking on burning bridges

Used to feel so scared of the world, now I call it home

Used to feel so fell so unsure of my place, I’m in the battle zone

Leave no trace on a city street, moving through the crowd

Leave no name, no number, my silence sounds so loud

Don’t Walk Past

Caught in this feeling, falling for this romance

Life's all around us, won’t you take a chance?

Now out of sight, is out of mind

Waiting for a second chance, a second time

Don’t walk on past, don’t walk on past

Don’t walk on past, don’t break this heart

Be strong my heart, carry this affair of the mind

Will this moment take up all my time?

Now out of sight, is out of mind

Waiting for a second chance, a second time


Drive for miles in a motorcar, I just want to be far away

Never knowing where you are, the rain falls down for days

Standing in a crowded room, we make our own action

Midnight passes much too soon, you’re still my main attraction

I wake up in a silent dream, searching for a midnight promise

Sailing down deserted streams, the rain falls down on us

Living scenes from grainy movies, we just wrote the script, we just wrote the script

I spent my time staring at newsreels, now I know this is it

This is it

Right Stuff

Form a plan, a plan of attack

There’s no guarantee you’ll win it back

Just as real as black and white
The stuff of dreams, dreams and legends

Like a real life hero, the ones we remember

Stealing a heart, after dark

With a heart, full of the right stuff

Stranger than life, all through the night


Produced by Steve Nye

Release Date: 
1983 Ready Records
Side One
1. Falling
2. Don't Walk Past
3. Red Filters
4. All Your Time
5. Unchained Heart
Side Two
6. Head Over Heels
7. Pendulum
8. Burning Bridges
9. Right Stuff
10. Newsreel